A Conversation With Tom Cochrane

It was 1994, and I was packing up and heading to Europe to spend 6 months backpacking and finding myself. As an 18-year-old Canadian I proudly donned the Canadian Flag on my bag and trekked the European countryside with only two cassette tapes to keep me company. Both were Canadian albums of course, as I couldn’t imagine not having a piece of Canadiana with me as I made memories that have lasted a lifetime. One of those cassettes was Mad Mad World by Tom Cochrane.


Legendary Rocker Tom Cochrane Set To Kick Off Cross-Country Tour In Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY — Thirty years ago Tom Cochrane preferred the tranquility of a recording studio to the adrenaline of being the centre of attention on a big stage.

Now his career is all about performing live.

The Canadian music icon is kicking off his cross-country tour in Thunder Bay, when he takes to the stage at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium on Feb. 14.


Tom Cochrane Discusses New Album

July 17th 2014 – FYI Music News Tom Cochrane tells FYI that his forthcoming album featuring the single “Sunday Afternoon Hang,” – is about a “mythical hobo musician’s journey” and incorporates blues, country, rock n’ roll with a few “epic ballads” like “Pink Time”, “The One That I Have Known” and “A Prayer For Hope.”…