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Interview: Tom Cochrane Talks “Lunatic Fringe,” John Lennon and More

Tom Cochrane is one of Canada’s best-selling songwriters of all-time, thanks to a pile of hit songs and albums as a solo artists and with his band Red Rider. When the singer dropped by Q104.3 New York recently, his conversation with Ken Dashow revolved around his two biggest hits, “Lunatic Fringe” (1981) with Red Rider and “Life Is a Highway” (1991) as a solo artist.


Life Is Still A Highway For Tom Cochrane

Over the course of his career, Canadian artist Tom Cochrane has released 17 albums, toured the world and won an armload of Juno Awards (Canada’s version of the Grammys). The respected singer-songwriter, as he nears retirement age, is not interested in slowing down any time soon.


Still Riding The Highway In This Mad Mad World

A little more than a decade ago Tom Cochrane was worried he might have ownership of his iconic song “Life is a Highway” unintentionally taken from him. Rascal Flatts had recorded the song for the “Cars” soundtrack, introducing it to a whole new generation.


Cochrane In Top Form Monday Night

Life might be a highway for Tom Cochrane, but it sure isn’t a stretch of prairie pavement. It has hills and tight corners, bridges and even some potholes. I’ve seen him four or five times now, over the years, and no two shows are the same with him, and sometimes he’s not on his game.